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Assessment and Reporting Arrangements at the End of Key Stage 1 & 2: statutory requirements for school leaders

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Deputy Headteachers / Heads of School / Executive Headteachers / Governors - Chair of Governors / Headteachers / Teaching Staff
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This webinar will set out the statutory requirements for assessment of, and reporting on, pupils' achievements at the end of Key Stage 1 & 2 (KS1/KS2) in 2020/21.

It is primarily aimed at school leaders and teachers in years 2 and 6, although teachers in other year groups could also benefit. It is suitable for both experienced teachers and leaders and those new to the profession or new to a leadership role.

The webinar will cover:

  • key changes for 2020/ 21, approaches to effective assessment;

  • standardisation and moderation (both formal and informal);

  • administration of, and preparation for, the end of KS tests, the phonics screening check and the multiplication tables check;

  • analysis of past end of KS test papers;

  • sharing good practice and effective approaches to ensuring the best outcomes for all pupils.

All schools should ensure that at least one member of staff attends one of these sessions.

Training objectives

  • To clarify the expectations regarding statutory assessment and reporting arrangements for the end of Key Stage 1 & 2 in 2020/21;

  • To clarify the Local Authority’s role and responsibilities with regard to the moderation and monitoring of end of Key Stage 1 & 2 assessments;

  • To analyse the structure and standards of the National Curriculum tests, the phonics screening check and the multiplication tables check;

  • To provide effective strategies for leaders to support their staff with making accurate assessments of pupils' achievements, and develop effective procedures for gathering evidence;

  • To explore the implications of statutory arrangements on teaching, and suggest effective strategies for the classroom;

  • To share updates and good practice in assessment and moderation.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will:

  • understand your responsibilities with regard to the statutory requirements for KS1&2

  • understand the Local Authority's role in, and procedures for, moderation and monitoring of KS1&2 assessments

  • understand how to prepare your pupils effectively for all forms of assessment in KS1&2

  • have a range of strategies and approaches to employ in order to ensure the best outcomes for all your pupils

Additional Information

The sessions will be led by Suzy Heritage, the local authority lead for assessment and moderation in KS1

Start Date
Wednesday 11 November 2020
End Date
Wednesday 11 November 2020
Closing Date
Wednesday 4 November 2020
08:00 - 10:00
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