Making a booking and course correspondence

All our courses are advertised on the East Sussex Learning Portal and all bookings must be made through the Portal. Bookings can be made online either by individual staff members or if applicable, by the organisation's CPD Leader/Manager/Supervisor. Any course correspondence will be sent to you via email and if applicable a copy of this email will be sent to your CPD Leader/Manager/Supervisor.

As all correspondence will be sent via email it is essential that you keep your East Sussex Learning Portal account details up to date. We cannot accept responsibility for information that is sent but does not arrive.

Please note that the Children's Services Department hold no liability for the appropriateness of course applications. If a delegate enrols on the wrong course, any costs incurred will have to be met fully by the school, setting or department and ESCC will not be liable for any related costs.

Delegates who have not enrolled should not turn up on the day of the event as this causes disruption to the venue, the tutor, and other participants. Enrolment will always be confirmed by email directly to the delegate. If delegates turn up on the day without a confirmed booking and space is available, a surcharge of £15 will be payable in addition to the published course/conference fee. Please also note that course materials may not be available as these will be reserved for those who have booked in advance.

Cancellation and No Show Policy for Social Care, Early Help and Children's Services Staff Training Programmes.

If you cancel within two weeks of the course date without a valid reason your team/organisation will incur a late cancellation fee. Failure to show up on the day will incur a no show charge.

Your place on the course costs the Children's Services Department money, so a valid reason would not usually include sickness. However, a colleague can attend on the day instead of you and in this instance no charge will be incurred. Where a statutory role requires you to be elsewhere at short notice, for example attending court, the fee will not be applied providing you notify the Children's Services Department on or before the day of the course.

Late cancellation

  • Full day - £40
  • Half day - £20

Failure to attend on the day (No Show)

  • Full day - £80
  • Half day - £40

For multi sessional courses this fee will be applied per day. Therefore for example a late cancellation fee for a two days course will be £160

This fee is intended to put back into the training budget some of the cost 'lost' through late cancellations and will be used to fund further training. It is not indicative of the actual cost of a course place. We have calculated the average cost per person per training session to be £130 for a day or £90 for a half day.

For courses starting on or after the 1st April 2018 the terms and conditions are changing. If you are booking on a course after this date please see the relevant Terms and conditions below.

For delegates who pay to attend the course the full fee will be charged for cancellation within the last two weeks before the course date, or for failure to show up on the day (except for exceptional circumstances). A colleague can attend on the day instead of you and in this instance no charge will be incurred.

For staff that work for East Sussex County Council the following cancellation and no show charges will apply.

Late cancellation

  • Full day - £45
  • Half day - £25

Failure to attend on the day (no show)

  • Full day - £50
  • Half day - £30

Cancellation and No Show Policy for LSCB Training.

For information on the LSCB charges and cancellation policy please click here

Cancellation and No Show Policy for all other Training Courses

For fee-bearing courses, the full fee is payable for delegates who cancel within the last two weeks before the course date, or who fail to show up on the day (except for exceptional circumstances). A colleague can attend on the day instead of you and in this instance no charge will be incurred

For free courses cancellations within two weeks before the course date or failure to attend will incur a £15 administration fee.

Online Payments

Once a course booking has been confirmed by East Sussex County Council the relevant course fee is added to the online shopping basket of the establishment's Line Manager.

If you are booked onto a non-fee bearing course and fail to attend, a non-attendance fee will be automatically applied to your Line Manager's shopping basket. This fee must be paid before any further bookings can be made and cannot be removed.

Refunds will be processed within 10 working days, and will be deposited back to the original payment card. Please note, under no circumstances are we are able to process a refund to any card other than the original payment card.

Line Manager's will receive a WorldPay online payment confirmation e-mail, this is your receipt of payment therefore please keep a copy for your records.

If you have any queries regarding your online payments for course bookings please contact the relevant team at the end of this document.

Booking Closing Dates

Delegates should be aware that bookings must be made before the closing date shown on the website. Delegates may request that their names are held on a Waiting List, through the website, in case of any cancellations after that date. If a space becomes available the Children's Services Department will contact you directly.


In severe weather conditions, delegates should contact the venue before travelling for confirmation that the training is still going ahead. If the course is cancelled you will not be charged.


If you are not happy with any aspect of the training services from the Children's Services Department, please write to either Education Events or CW Events (depending on what your complaint is related to) at St Mark's House, Upperton Road, Eastbourne, BN21 1EP

Contact details

For all School Improvement, EYFS, Governor and/or Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disability Support Services training, please contact

For all Child Protection/Safeguarding, LSCB, Early Help, Social Care, Health and Safety, Music Service, Outdoor Education, Crisis Management, Inclusion, Equalities, Bursars please contact